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Inspired By American Heritage & Style


Our Story

The J.Riley brand was founded in February of 2013 after a trip along the East Coast. Though the brand originally began as a mere hobby, within twelve months it quickly transformed into a business with representation in all 50 states, 20 countries, and 5 continents. As the brand continues to expand its product line, it has quickly become known for its quintessential American style. The inspiration for the J.Riley brand can be broken down into three foundational elements that come together to form the Tri-Cross Oar:

Pointing leftward: CRAFTSMANSHIP

Known for its ability to withstand the elements throughout all four seasons, the East Coast is notoriously known for its durable clothing used to battle the long winters and fierce summer storms. From indestructible lighthouses to wood-shingled cottages, the region is built by skilled artisans who have an appreciation, commitment, and respect for genuine craftsmanship.


With heirlooms ranging from grandfather’s old leather watch to grandmother’s first set of pearls, vintage pieces become invaluable family treasures that are passed on from generation to generation. While items may weather with age, the values they represent will allow them to be regarded as pieces of timelessness.

Pointing rightward: AUTHENTICITY

While traveling along the East Coast in the summer of 2012, an unmistakable sense of culture became apparent, reflected within the many who stay true to their roots and upbringings. Whether it’s a family owned lobster shack in the heart of a small sailing town or the local market that’s been around for decades, there is an authentic atmosphere that welcomes both locals and non-alike.

As authenticity, craftsmanship, and timelessness come together as one, the Tri-Cross Oar is completed – embodying the ideals of the J.Riley brand. As the brand evolves by the day, we look forward to new adventures always keeping our foundational beliefs in the forefront of our minds.

J.Riley by J. Bradley Tramer


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